JAA Tesla Business Model

Yes, we’re planning Tesla will deliver full self-driving functionality—we’re betting that sooner or later, autonomous cars will be on our streets. They’ll be safer and more efficient than the cars we drive today.


The Concept

The JAA Tesla concept is straight-forward. JAA Tesla wants to build and manage a fleet of Tesla vehicles. Each vehicle is owned by a specific group of investors and operated as an individual portfolio. The vehicles will be operated as robotaxis, running 24 x 7, 365 days a year. Profit is distributed among portfolio members.

That’s JAA Phase 2: Using the Tesla Network.

JAA-Tesla-portfolio_JAA Tesla

JAA Tesla R&D

But until Tesla full self driving autonomy is available in Denver, cars need human drivers.

To get a jumpstart on understanding the business requirements, we’ve explored two options for car monetization: rideshare services and peer-to-peer rental. The rideshare services study completed.

 We’re currently evaluating JAA Phase 1: Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Rental.

Why Denver?

Denver has been a national test market for new products for decades. But, without the unique services provided by two local businesses there, we wouldn’t be able to explore the business model requirements right now. We’ll be able to apply what we’ve learned in this test to the JAA Tesla Phase 2 launch once autonomy is available.

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JAA Tesla_Phase 1

The Phase 1 test case runs through the end of 2019. If the results are favorable, we’ll open the JAA opportunity to other investor partners interested in this type of passive investment.